Monday, February 16, 2015

Addyson's Class gets a Hamster

This morning I went to Addyson's class with a little surprise.  She had NO idea I had a surprise, she was just happy I was in her class this morning!  Such a treat to have your mommy around!!
Mr. Vazquez then read a story to the kids called Happy Birthday Hamster!  He then talked about birthdays and how he missed his friends birthday and asked the kids if they would help him sing "Happy Birthday" to his friend.
 After singing the song, Mr. Vazquez uncovered his friend....
 They were a bit confused at first but once they realized there was a hamster in the cage, you should have seen their faces!  Priceless!!!
 There was a lady on camp who had decided to get her responsible son a pet hamster.  A week later she was surprised to see 6 extra hamsters in the cage!!!  She posted on Facebook that she was giving them away for free.  As much as I wanted a hamster, I knew Brad didn't.  So I came up with a better idea..... ask Mr. V if he was interested in a classroom pet!  He was SO excited about the idea so "Operation Hamster" went into full effect!
 Result, a used cage I also found on Facebook for the class some bedding and an adorable hamster!
 The kids got to line up and take turns petting the super soft hamster!
 JOY!!!  The looks on their faces was pure JOY!!!
 The kids were so happy, I got a HUGE group huge!!!!  Totally worth it!
For writing today,t he kids wrote a story about the hamster and what they should name it.  They came up with Happy Birthday so the hamster's name is Happy!  Happy is now in the Science center of class and at times gets to come out and run around in a ball for the kids to interact act with!!!  SO much fun!  Welcome to Kindergarten Happy!!!

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