Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hamsterviel Saga

Meet Hamsterviel Chuck E. Cheese Soccer Star 1, or Hamsterviel for short. (Hamsterviel comes from the movie Lilo and Stitch).
The kids were SO excited we FINALLY got a hamster.  Owen's friend Dawson had a hamster that had babies and so we got one of the babies for free!  Finally Owen's dream of owning a pet hamster had come true.  We got the fun cage and even a fun ball for the hamster to roll around in.  My strict rules were to never leave the hamster unattended in the ball.
I just had a feeling that as much interest our other funny pets had in Hamsterviel there was bound to be a problem.  And I'm sad to report that I was correct.  After only a week of owning the hamster, I had put the hamster in the ball and got distracted helping Addyson with a project for school.  The next thing I hear is hamster squeals and I knew it was bad.  By the time Brad and I ran into the room it was too late for poor hamster.  Our kids were devastated.  They all sat on my lap and cried for over 30 minutes.  I was equally as heartbroken. : (  Poor Brad dealt with Hamster clean up while Ivy quickly cleaned out the cage and got ride of any reminders of the hamster that would trigger sadness in the kids.  We then had to talk about where the hamster went and we had to keep a close eye on Stella because the kids were really angry with her.  We tried to explain food chains and why it happened.  We also had to tell them that the hamster was NOT in Stella's belly like they thought.  We needed this to be as peaceful of an event as possible.
We knew that couldn't be the end of our hamster days.  I don't think poor Owen's heart could have handled it.  So after we mourned the loss of Hamsterviel 1, we promised to take them to town later in the week to search for a new hamster.
Meet Hamsterviel Chuck E. Cheese Soccer Star 2.  Now with stricter rules, I hope that we have better luck with this little guy!

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