Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Land of the Sand!  In order to be able to celebrate the same day the school did, our trick or treating was moved up to the 30th (which is our "Friday" night).  They thought it would be easier for families since the kids were already dressed up.
When we were home this summer we decided to go with the Super Hero theme!   We were excited.  I purchased the outfits online and had heard horror stories of these costumes running small... and I ended up buying them too big.  Oops!  A few safety pins and some rolling of the sleeves and we made the best of it!

The whole family got into the Super Hero theme!!!  I was excited to get us all dressed up!
Brad and I dressed up as Super Mom and Super Dad.... figured those were fitting outfits!! : )
To add to our fun, we had the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella!!!  We are ready to go get candy!
We got candy!!!!  Yay!!  This year Ethan was old enough to go up to doors with the big kids and he soon figured out the fun of it all and the sweet rewards for going up to stranger's houses!
These streets are empty here... but they soon filled up with golf carts!  This is a holiday where the golf carts are used to the max filled with kids that jump on and off and they try to hit as many houses as possible!  So much fun!
This house was a little scary and I love how Owen made sure to make Ethan feel safe!  Such a good big brother!
A busy night full of fun and when our bags were full we went back to the Graham's house to go through our loot!!!  So many good things to pick through!  A lot of people pride themselves on bringing back the "good" Halloween candy from the States!  People will have one piece of luggage full of sweets for different holidays throughout the year!  Candy here isn't the good stuff we are use to and if you do happen to find a bag of small Hershey candy bars it costs $25!!!!  Yep, $25 for a bag of candy that costs about $6-$8 back home!!  My favorite Candy Corn flavored M&Ms cost $10... one that would cost about $4 back home.  I was going to pass this year and my sweet friend surprised me with a bag.  One thing you learn is who has the good candy and you try to make sure you visit their house!!: )  I think we did good this year!
As the kids went through their loot, the adults enjoyed big bowls of chili and stealing candy every now and then!!!  We were also lucky to have one of Brad's coworkers from his Randy Smith days 8 years ago come to camp to visit us!!!  Andrew got to enjoy a good ol' fashioned RT evening of creating our own fun at someone's house!!  I think he had a good time.... I think we all did!!
Happy Halloween from the Land of the Sand!!!

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