Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mommy's Magic Potion Playdate

Using our new muffin tins from Disneyland to prepare for our afternoon/ end of the week/ end of Winter break play date!
After 3 weeks off from school, going on vacation, coming home from vacation, entertaining kids non-stop I felt like us mom's could use a play date that was mainly for us but included the kids.  That's when I came up with the idea of Mommy's Magic Potion Playdate!!!  Bring on the fun!
I wanted my friends to come without worries, meaning they didn't have to bring anything, and stay into the night or stay as long as they wanted!  I had tons of snacks out for everyone to enjoy, even down to little cereal cups for the little kids.  We had chips of all sorts, healthy muffins, different dips, veggies, and fruit!  I also had a pot of chilli going for those that ended up staying for dinner!  This was my ideal celebration for surviving the Winter Break with 3 kids!! : )  It was also a nice send off for the kids to get together with their friends for one last Playdate before school started back!

We have a great backyard with a mini trampoline and a play set.  I also had Ivy and her friend so my plan was to split the nannys up so one could stay our front and watch the big kids play.  All of that changed when a shamal moved in around noon!  Ugh!  No fear, I set up a rice table in our screened in porch for the kids to enjoy!
And when the shamal became too much for the super little ones, we just moved the fun inside!!  This water table my mom got for Owen for his 1st birthday!   7 years later and it is in Saudi and transformed into a rice table!  It was perfect and I'm sure will be used around our house as the weather gets warmer!
After several hours of fun, some moms went home to their husbands and others had their husbands join us at our house for chilli!  It was really the perfect mix!  To end the night Addyson gave me a stylish hair-do!  She has just now reached the stage where she wants to fix my hair!  To have my house full of my friends and my kids' friends, and then my husband's friends, to open our home to share goodies with people we care about, to have bonding moments with Addyson, this last day of Winter Break could not have been any more perfect!  Now, bring on the school routine!!!

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