Sunday, February 15, 2015

Performing Arts

It was a busy day of Performing Arts for the Brewster family and I was lucky to be able to be a part of it all because I was subbing today.  Each month the school has an assembly that is lead by one of the grades and this month it was the 2nd graders turn.  Here is the whole school minus the 2nd graders!  The parents are not invited to these assembles due to lack of space so I was so grateful to be called in to work today!
The theme this month was poetry cafe!  The kids tried to set the stage of a poetry slam with dark clothes, some kids sitting around at tables like there were at a coffee shop, and we all snapped after a poem was read!
Some poems were written by the kids themselves like the one Owen and some of his friends read.  Others were done by more famous poets with the kids reciting them.  In between poems the Masters of Ceremony would explain about the poem being read or how some poems were used to inform people while others were for pure entertainment.  The kids did a great job!
It also happened to be spirit day that's why you see a sea of blue and white!!!
Addyson with her twin classmates!

Later in the day, Addyson's class put on performances of The Napping House.  I was subbing in a class but lucky me had a short break and got to go sneak in to watch Addyson's two performances!  How cute is this little mouse?!?!
I had never heard of The Napping House book until today so I was excited to see the play and learn a new children's book.  There was an audio version playing on the speaker and then the kids just acted out the play.
It goes through each character sleeping in the napping house starting with the grandma.  It ended up that everyone/ pet was all piled up on the couch sleeping until the flea came and bit the mouse....
and that started the domino effect of waking up everyone in The Napping House....
now where NO ONE is sleeping!!!! :)
One of the students was gone today so Addyson was a fill in and got to act in two plays!  My adorable little cat!

Here in Saudi we have minimal exposure to the performing arts so I appreciate all of the teachers and their effort they put into giving our kids as much chance to learn about performing in front of others as well as giving kids a chance to learn about being good audience members and supporting each other.  It was a great day full of performing arts here in RT and I'm so glad to be able to see it all!

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