Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pinewood Derby

This is our second year in Scouts but our first Pinewood Derby.  Up until this point, our Scouts didn't have the derby because we didn't have enough people to organize it and we didn't have the track and other racing supplies.  Thanks to a couple of families on camp who wanted to make this event happen for our boys, we had our first ever Pinewood Derby in RT!
The nice thing about the derby is it is a family event!  It was suppose to be a busy scout day for us between the derby and the Girl Scouts had World Thinking day.  That all changed when Addyson came down with a fever and ended up getting sick.  Ugh!  Thank goodness for Ivy who could stay home and care for Addyson so both Brad and I could attend.  Not only for Owen's sake but we also had big volunteer rolls we needed to be present for! (I just love this pic of my boys, wish there wasn't the glare and I could crop out Evan's funny face.  Ethan wants to be a Scout SO bad, he wore Owen's old Tiger Cub hat all day!)
The derby is a great way for kids to show off some creativity and also learn to support/ encourage their friends!  Here are almost all of the boys admiring all of the cars!
After the car judging, it was time for the races to begin!  That is Owen's Perry car in the middle!
 SO excited to see how his car does!
The system for this race was amazing showing who was racing, who was on deck, and then showing the race times of the cars!  Really helped keep the boys involved!
Another heat, the cub scouts had 40 heats!  A good chance to see how your car ranked against the others!  Owen's ended up being in the middle most of the time.  Brad was never in Scouts so we had a bit of learning to do when it comes to derby car making.  We now learned you have to put all of your weight on the back.  And, use ALL of the weight you can.  We left Owen's car a little to light!
Brad was the pit crew manager and helped with broken cars as well as moved the cars off the track after each race!  I don't think he knew he was going to get a work out today! : )
My job was organizing the food!  I ordered enough pizzas to feed 30 growing boys and their families and also organized parents to bring fruits, veggies, and desserts to go with.  It was an awesome turn out!
 The Sibling table
After lunch, it was time to hand out awards!!!
 Owen got an award for Best Scout Design because of his Perry Car!!!  Way to go buddy!
Owen had SO much fun!  I know he is already planning on next year's car!  Ethan has also said that he wants to race a car in the "outlaw" division for siblings!  He is determined to be as much of a part of Scouts as he can at his young age!
 Fun with friends!  That's what this is all about!

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