Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snapshots of the Week (Feb 14)

Buddies reading
I finally got to be his sub for the day!
Starting to be a common siting outside our house... and Owen's bike isn't even there!!
Cutting out hearts for his Valentine's by himself
SUPER yummy dinner!  Cabbage steaks, dill carrots, Parmesan squash, blasted broccoli and flank steak!  Delish!
Drama in the tub... still doesn't want to get her sore feet wet!  She even had to go to school with no shoes one day!  Bad sand sores.... hopefully they heal soon!
Ready for his Valentine's Day party at school... the only kid in our family that gets to celebrate!  He made his Valentine's with his daddy!  Hearts that say, "You are one smart cookie, Valentine!" on a package of Oreo's!
My first cream based soup!  Back bacon with veggies!!!  Yummy!!!
Tearing through a Valentine's package from Nammie
Early morning taxi ride, on our way to Bahrain for a Girls' weekend!
Bahrain equals beer!
My first Bahrain Friday brunch.  Brunch= endless food and drinks for hours!  Yes, that is ALL mine!
This picture means there are 29 kids back in Saudi with "single" dads for the day!
Some of the best friends a girl could ask for living overseas!
 Valentine's breakfast... not with my hubby but I enjoyed some quiet with a cup of coffee and fresh squeezed juice pool side before the girls showed up!  I'll take it!
Celebrating 40 and 31 has come to an end!  What a great trip!

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