Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snapshots of the Week (Feb 7)

Morning one without Daddy and we are smiling.... see how we (I) am doing at the end of the week!
Snuggle time at lunch!
One SUPER Sad boy!  He just found out that Addyson's class got a hamster for a class pet and now he REALLY wants a hamster!
Reading stories to her brother!  I am thankful for the extra help this week while Brad is out of town!
This is ALL Owen can think about! He wrote this note for  me to send to Brad!
Just found out I'm gonna be an aunt!!!  One of my dear friends just found out she is 17 weeks pregnant!!!!  Yahoo!!!
Morning bedhead!
Cheese face
Just learned about cross eyes
Daddy is gone for lunch, so we had a picnic!
Instagram makes it professional!
All grown up!  Time, please quit stealing my babies!
Lunch at the park means good play time before going back to school!
My little Pippi Longstocking!
Little brother wanted crazy hair too!
Crazy hair day at school!  Super bummed I forgot to take a picture of Owen with his multi colored crazy spiked hair!
Such nice weather this week we ended up having two lunch picnics!
Daddy got Owen's letter and came home with a BIG surprise!!!
This is what a caravan out to the desert looks like
 The view from the top
A desert trio
After a LONG day in the desert, Lebanon Grill Mixed grill delivered hits the spot!
Exhausted, clean (how to get rid of ALL of the sand but I think there is still some in our ears), and ready for bed!  The busy weekend ends with a movie on the couch.

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