Friday, February 20, 2015

Snapshots of the Week (Nov 22)

Soccer season starts!  Since I'm coach, little brother gets to play too!!!
Gearing up for another great season together!
He started writing letters!  I had NO idea all of the things he was learning at school!
Sister is always close by to offer a helping hand.... requested for or not!
It was 80s day at school today and I went in as a sub so I dressed up too!
Ethan wanted in on the pictures.  He is wearing his "handsome" shirt as he calls it!
Not the best pic of E.... but I just love it when Addyson comes in close for a snuggle or a pic!
International Day at school- both boys were crying, one DID NOT want to wear the outfit and the other DID!  You always want what you can't have!

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