Sunday, February 8, 2015

Soccer Matches Start

Soccer matches have finally started!  There was a bit of a hassle trying to get our goals into kingdom so the season was put on hold a bit.  We finally got goals last week so we were only able to have one practice with actual goals for the kid to get use to the idea of the size and space they need to aim their balls/ protect the goal!
Due to limited practice with the goals, the fact that I've never been a coach before much less a head coach (actually I was signed up as the only coach for this team and most teams get two coaches- same thing happened to Brad... the soccer board must have a lot of confidence in us Brewsters... after several practices I had a dad step up and agree to be my assistant!), I wasn't sure I had been running the "proper" drills during practice, and I know some of my players have never even played before (maybe haven't even kicked a soccer ball before) I was super nervous about our first game and how we would do!
We had one scrimmage against the team that shares our practice field with us and it was a bit like herding cats.... so I had lots of reservations about the game, how they would do, what I would do, and how I would do!
Before the game we had a BIG prep talk!  I talk a lot about having fun, being soccer ready, being a team player, and being a good sport!  We do talk about the "little" things too that we have been working on like, NO hands unless you are the goalie, do not try to TAKE the ball from your teammate you should be working together, and remember which goal we are trying to score on!
Despite my best interest to fill them with all of the correct information, we still had hand balls, we still kicked the ball towards our goal, and let's just say that at this age soccer is still a "ME" sport so we took the ball from our own players!
I ran up and down the field with the kids trying to give them advice and point them in the right direction when needed.  I also tried to be there to point out the amazing things to get them to do that again, good ol' positive reinforcement!  Despite the crazy nature of the field, no one sticks to field positions, the game was so fun!
At half time they were all ready for a break.  I forgot to mention that we ended up having to play on a larger soccer pitch then we were suppose to because the lights on the little field were not working.  So not only was it bigger halves, the kids didn't play to their position's half so they ran up and down the LARGE field the whole time!  Makes me tired just thinking about it!
Also a first for the game was Addyson's first time as goalie!  All of the kids fight for the goalie position... I have NO idea why!  I'd rather be out running the field!
She was amazing!  Confident and not afraid to go after the ball!  I was so proud of her!  At times it has been a challange to be a "soccer mom" and a coach to her.  I have to take a step back and look at her as a 5 year old little girl.  It is also hard because she doesn't have the "ball drive" or competitive nature that I do or that Owen does.  That is probably what I struggle with most.  I have to meet her at where she is in her love of soccer and her love of the game and that, that isn't so easy for me.  That is what I will be working on the rest of the season!  All is all it was a great game with some awesome plays by my team.  The other team had a "secret weapon" who had control of the ball the whole time the other team had the ball and he ended up scoring an extra goal on us so they won.  However, I reminded my kids that WE, as well as they, did our soccer best and had fun and that is ALL that matters.  That will also be ALL that matters when we win!  This season I am focusing on having fun and sportsmanship, we gotta build a good foundation for that early in life!
Next up was Owen's game.  Addyson plays Thursday night and Owen plays Saturday days.  This is nice because it gives us a chance to cheer on the other members of our family!
I got to the field as the game was starting so I got no group photo, you'll have to wait on that one.  What I did get there in time to see was Owen's speed!  Guys, I knew this kid was fast but I had NO idea he was THAT quick!  I told him I would start calling him bolt!
I also noticed how much he has grown in his soccer abilities!  The way he can dribble a ball in and out of players on the other team, how he can hold his own (his is the youngest on this league that is made up of 2nd and 3rd graders), and he can read the field!  I was SO impressed!
While I was trying to be a soccer mom and photographer, I also had to be mommy to these two goof balls who were being crazy on the side of the field.  Thankfully here I don't have to worry about much and don't have to keep as close of an eye on them as I would if we were in the States!  I might start bringing Ivy with us to the field though so I can watch the game even more but that the kids can also come to cheer on their brother!
This is Brad's second season to be Owen's coach!  He has come SO far from last year, from the time I first signed him up to be coach, the guy who never played soccer as a kid was now going to coach a group of kids!  He is so invested in his team and I know he is teaching them all about sportsmanship as well as soccer!
When I look at Owen I see a mini me!  He has the drive for sports like I did!  And when he plays his little heart out, his face turns bright red like mine did!  I get so much joy out of watching him play!
Half time pep talk by Coach Brad!  Brad was also lucky that a mom stepped up early into the season to be an assistant coach!  Coach Marea played college soccer so she has a lot of insight to add to all of Brad's tips!  They make a great coaching team for Team Munchen!
Playing the field!
This kid can move the ball like no other!
A great first game to start out the season!  I'm looking forward to seeing how they grow as a team!  We are so lucky to live in Ras Tanura where the soccer field is a 30 second golf cart ride from our house and that we are both able to coach our kids' teams and help contribute to their childhood memories of sports and family free time!  Go Team Barcelona and Team Munchen!

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