Friday, February 20, 2015

St. Nick Day

St. Nick Day happened twice this year.... we knew we were going to be out of town for the actual day since Brad and I were in Bahrain for the Challenge so we had St. Nick come early.  He came the same day Tommy did which is how we explained this second St. Nick day.... the first one was actually a Tommy Day!
My mom's tradition for years has been to celebrate St. Nick Day.  I remember getting stockings at my dorm room door.  Then I had kids and would wake up to a surprise outside our door for everyone in the house.  The tradition continues on the other side of the ocean!
The package showed up on St. Nick day so it was waiting for us when Brad and I got home.  That morning St. Nick showed up with his traditional ornament for each child along with a stocking full of goodies. This year he also brought an Elf gingerbread house and an Elf game!  Perfect!
The house is FULL of excitement going through all of the goodies!
Then, Owen turned to me and said, "Mommy, these are the same snacks that Nammie has at her house!"  I just had to smile and giggle inside!  He hasn't put the two and two together but he isn't far from it!!!  Happy "real" St. Nick Day everyone!

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