Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day at the Beach

I had gone out for a job this morning and noticed that the tide was low.  Low tide meant that there was a lot of beach space filled with critters!  I knew it would be perfect for exploring so I ran home and told the kids to quickly change!  We didn't want to waste any more of our beautiful Friday morning inside!
As soon as we go to the beach, the kids went right to exploring!
I love doing activities with the kids but it always seems like these sorts of activities turn into individual events for the majority of time!
Each kid peels off on their own doing their own thing.  One likes to run.  One likes to play in sand.  One likes to look for critters.
And I like to sit back and take it all in!!!
When someone finds something good, something worth sharing, they give a shout out and everyone comes running!!!  This is when the beach becomes a family activity again!
And then they peel off again.  Exploring all on their own.
These rocks, when covered by water, are a pain in my foot.... literally!  I forget all of these rocks are there and when the current takes me down I always end of stubbing my toes on these.  Ouch!  These rocks, uncovered, are amazing for exploring!  So many tiny fish, crabs, and other sea creatures can be found amongst these rocks!
We also had our friend Stijn over for the morning!  So much for to share the fun with others... and give a mommy and daddy a break on the weekend!  We all work together here on camp!

Stella LOVES her beach time!!!  I let her run... with her leash on, I'm not brave enough to take it off yet for fear she will run off.  She runs and chases birds and digs in the sand!  Days at the beach are perfect for the whole family!
Boys at the beach!
Do I see a bird?
Gotta go get that bird!!!
A morning at the beach makes us all tired and hungry!  We quickly wash up, eat lunch, and then take a good nap!  A great start to our weekends at camp usually start at the beach.  So lucky to have this beautiful space a quarter of a mile from our house!

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