Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mother/Daughter Date

When Ivy first joined us Brad and I said one of the benefits of having her is that we could all split up and do one-on-one time with the kids more often, date time!  Well she has been with us 5 months and this is my first date with Addyson.  Honestly, I'm not even sure we would have done this date today had it not been her suggestion!
Brad and Owen were working on a project for school and Ethan was playing when Addyson looked at me and said, "We should go have girl time!"  How could I say, "No" to that?!?!  And I didn't want to!  I had been looking forward to this opportunity for a long time.  The problem is, our family is SO use to moving around as a family unit!  It is great that we love to be together and we all work so well together however, it isn't good because it doesn't help with one-on-one time and strengthening bonds!  So, Thank you Addyson for this great idea!
We quickly changed over, didn't want to waste any time (and we also didn't want to rub it in the boys' faces any longer) and we headed out!  The idea was to go to the comm where there is this "pink drink" as she calls it, that she likes.  But when we got there I had a second thought!  The weather was SO nice and there was a better way to spend our date day!  So, while we were at the comm she took care of the number one thing on her list, buying something for her brothers!  That girl is ALWAYS thinking about her brothers! This was probably one of the highlights of our morning!
From there we headed to the Carliton coffee house!  It has a nice outside seating area and looks right at the beach!  The weather was perfect so I knew had to take advantage of this time!
I ordered an ice coffee and she got a hot chocolate!  Bliss for her!  Then she ate all of my whipped cream!  She got a kick out of being able to do that!  Watching her sneaky smile each time she took off a spoon full of whipped cream was the best!

It is quiet moments like these that I am able to sit and watch her and take it all in.  Watch how she loves to slerp her hot chocolate and savor it.  Watch how she likes to tuck her hair behind her ears.  Soak up her grin she gives me and how she scrunches up her nose when she notices I'm watching her.    Enjoy her little voice as she asks for more whipped cream.  It is this moment, a small moment in time, a tiny quiet in our busy lives that was captured because of our Mother/Daughter date that I never want to forget.
My babies are growing up so fast and I love watching them grow, learn, develop personalities, find their own passions, and becoming loving citizens of the world however, it makes my heart sad all at the same time.  So, instead of being sad, I just have to enjoy it to the fullest!  I hope this isn't the last Mother/Daughter date in a while.  No, I have to make this a priority!  I guess I just need to write it in the calendar, plan for it, like we do every other event in our day because this is needed just as much if not more as everything else we do to fill our days!  Have you planned your next date with your child?

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