Monday, March 2, 2015

Snapshots of the week (Feb 28)

Learning how to bottle
At the doctor for his first "major" sport's injury.  Just a sprained wrist.  He has really become a member of the WHOLE field, always getting in there, so we have seen him falling down more, taking more hits, and now spraining a wrist.  I told him this comes with the territory of being good!
Early bed head at the doctor.  She has been complaining of being dizzy and has thrown up a couple of times.  Ugh!  I did find out that at 5.45 years she is 22kg and 121 cm
Two for one trip to the doc!  Found out this guy at 7.5 years is 37.7kg and 132 cm!
Talking to his Nina!  We have had to give up on trying to Skype.  Much better connection with our home phone (Peeps, don't forget this has an Arkansas number to make it easy for people to call us!).
Multi-tasking!  Drawing while talking to Nina and TeeTee Bec! This girl LOVES art these days!
4 in the tub!
Addyson asked to read to her friends after getting ready for bed!!  So proud of how far she has come!
Part of working towards his wolf badge is that he has to help prepare a meal, he is helping make chili!
He drew Stella!!!  I think this is his first creation with legs on it!
He likes to read at night.  I love to find him like this!!  My little budding reader!
To spice up life on camp you HAVE to get creative!  We got my favorite Lebanon Grill delivered to the gate and we took it to the beach for an evening picnic!  We topped it all off with bowling at our camp's new bowling alley!
Morning of playing with siblings, working on a school project with daddy, All Star soccer practice, and a friend's bowling birthday did this guy in!!!
Making a Thank You card for Ivy!  Addyson did this creation all on her own and even gave Ivy some of her own money to put towards what we gave Ivy to go out to dinner with her friend.  This girl has such a sweet heart!
"The Cu for the help.  I love you so so mach" = "Thank you for the help. I love you so so much."

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