Sunday, March 8, 2015

Snapshots of the Week (March 7)

 Bring your parent to art class!  Brad and I both go to go help Owen make the base of his mug!
 All ready for his first swimming lesson!
 Ethan's first "Stretch and Grow" class!  Finally stuff for young kids!  It takes people volunteering to get programs on camp!
 Learning to vault!
 Landing on your feet isn't as important as being able to add in a spin and a ninja kick!
 Neither of us slept last night (he was sick and ended up in my bed) so a walk on the beach was what we needed to get through our morning!
 Day 2 of Parents to Art class week!  I had to work so Brad went!  A friend sent me this picture!
 Stomping around in his dinosaur feet!!!  He makes some pretty cool things at his school!
 Getting all gloved up to collect trash at the beach!
 Community service project for the soon-to-be Wolfs, collecting trash at the beach!
 Working on her Friendship Day cards.... no Valentine's day celebrated here!
Three cheers (and some cupcakes) to finish out our season!!!  Go Barcelona!
 Coaches' kids!
 Our First Aramco Bus ride!!!  Headed to another Aramco camp for the All Star soccer tournament!
Addyson stayed in RT for a birthday party and Ivy will watch her!
 These two make great cheerleaders!
 Finished out our weekend with a medal.... and exhausted!

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