Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Party

The big kids don't get to celebrate Valentine's Day at their school so I wanted to have a special party for them, their friends, and the families (which means Brad and I get to celebrate with our friends as well!).  I asked everyone to bring something to eat that was either heart shaped or red!  Part of what we contributed was heart shaped meat balls that Ivy helped me make!
 I also have a variety of "Love Making" potions to choose from!  Drink at your own risk! : )
 We had heart shaped cucumbers, cheese, beef pepperoni (shaped into a big heart), red fruits and veggies, and red spaghetti!  It was a very "loving" fest!

Topped all off with a yummy pink heart cake!
As our evening started all of the kids were playing outside!  I loved looking out and seeing a sea of reds and pinks!!  So much fun!
While the kids were outside happy (and under the care of two nannies, man, that helps make parties more enjoyable for the adults!  We are SO lucky here!), the mommas were getting to have a bit of "happy" time socializing!
 The dads, well they just kicked back and relaxed.... THE WHOLE TIME!!!!  Funny how dads seem to have an immunity to all of the kid activity!  Fun, carefree, uninterrupted conversations!  Must be nice.... I'm a mom... I'll never find out ! : )
 Back to the fun, I also had some Valentine's craft set up for the kids to do.
And they had fun passing out Valentine's to their friends!

Holidays here are what you make them... and when you make them!  The beauty of this place is we do not see ALL of the commercialization of holidays in stores and on the tv.  We probably could have quietly skipped over Valentine's day and our kids would not have know.  That also means we can celebrate on whatever day we want and THAT day then becomes the holiday.  This has to happen often due to our weekends falling on different days and travel.
So today really isn't V-day, that was yesterday.  But, yesterday I was just coming home from Bahrain for a girls' weekend and Owen (as well as a lot of his friends) had soccer games in the afternoon.  Too much to try to plan a party with all of that going on.  No worries, we just have it the next day and they are none the wiser!
Really, it is just a reason to get together with friends and share a holiday that reminds us of home.  Together, we make life in Saudi what it is!  And I was glad to be able to host a V-day party for our kids and for our friends!
Heart shaped pizza anyone?!?!
Then I had the GREAT idea to get ALL of the kids together for a picture!  Who was I kidding!  I can barely get ALL THREE of my kids to look decent for one picture...
how the heck did I think I get 21 kids to sit for a picture?!?!
But I tried!  Here you have it folks!!!  Brewster Valentine's Day party of 2015 and all 21 kids!
The last activity for the evening had to do with dessert!  Heather first had to hand out her yummy edible Valentines!
Then the kids got heart shaped, pink cupcake that they go to decorate themselves.
Mass chaos!
Mass sugar!

And Mass Sweetness!!!!  Happy Valentine's Day from the Land of the Sand!

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