Sunday, April 5, 2015

Doha at Night

Tonight is our last night in Doha and we are trying to make the most of it.  Really, we are trying to make sure the kids are nice and tried to take a quick "nap" at the hotel before heading to the airport at midnight to board a plane for our 9 hour flight to Bali. 
To wear the kids out we took a walk along the corniche!  It was so pretty to see the Museum of Islamic Art lite up at night!  Along the corniche is also several exercise stations set up (really nice ones) that the kids took advantage of and burned so extra calories and energy!
We walked along the harbor and were enticed by this big Dow boat all lite up!  We had talked about going for a boat ride and now seemed like the perfect chance!  PS- if you do this the guys will tell you there is a flat fee (a high one) but know you can always haggle! 
It was nice to be out in the open water with the fresh air and have a nice view of the skyline!
The kids enjoyed it for the most part but going a little too far out when it was this dark made them a bit nervous!  They were ready to turn around and head back to shore!! : )
The Dow harbor is right across from souq Waqif so we decided to head back over to the market to find another place to eat dinner.  Since we went all out for lunch, we wanted to tone things down a bit for dinner!
The beauty of traveling is exposing our kids to SO many different things.  One minute we can be eating a 5 course meal served via white gloves and the next minute (or hours later) we are eating with our hands off of skewers in the middle of a market!  One minute we are looking at ancient pieces of art created by famous people and the next minute we are walking a market and watching pieces of art being created right in front of us by people who are trying very hard to making a living for their families.  We enjoy each experience to the fullest while trying to explain to our kids why things are different and how fortunate we are to be able to experience it all.
Doha has been a place of many ups and down, learning the rules, experiencing extremes, and enjoying family time.  All of this has really been summed up in the past 12 hours!  What a day it has been!  Stayed tuned for my thoughts on Doha and look forward to our adventures in Bali!

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