Monday, April 13, 2015

Full Day in Ubud, Bali

I woke up, opened my curtains and saw this!  Green beauty!  Nice to see after a bit of a rocky start.  The big kids were not fond of staying in a room away from us not connected by a hallway.  In their defense, we probably scared them.  We over stressed the fact that they would have to go outside if they needed us (which they rarely do in the middle of the night) and to be CAREFUL of the pool!!!  After many tears, we got the big kids settled and Ethan in our room (who was crying because he DID want to sleep in the other room with his brother and sister) and it wasn't 30 minutes later Owen came into our room crying.  So, Brad went with Addyson and Owen stayed with me and we finally settled in for the night wondering if this was going to be our sleeping arrangement for the rest of our trip.
After getting my coffee, Owen and I went to peak outside our gate to see what we could see.  Rice fields!  Green!  Chickens!  Ducks!  Blue Sky!  Everything we miss in Saudi!  This was heaven sent!
From our gate, I turned around to take a picture of our villa and my handsome hubby who planned this all!  I could get use to this!  If you are looking for a villa in Ubud, Villa D'Uma come HIGHLY recommended by us!
Then the downpour started!  We soon learned that it rains (almost) daily in Bali!  Sometimes a DOWNPOUR however, it doesn't usually last long!  We welcomed the rain.  Well Brad and I did.  Our kids have gotten a little soft to rain since living in the desert so they weren't too keen on getting wet!  They managed to figure it out though!
With our villa, we had a super sweet staff that took care of us every morning!  They came in and prepared breakfast which included fresh fruit and a yummy smoothie for the kids!
Breakfast is served!
Last night we found a coconut and was going to ask about cutting it open for us.  However, when the lady saw it she said we picked a old one so she had one of the guys go pick 3 fresh coconuts for us!  Another new experience for the kids!
The kids quickly ate so they could change over and go swimming!!!  Can you blame them?!?!
Today is a bit of a special day, while making offerings happens daily today, they people in Bali are preparing for their big Nyepi holiday, their version of New Year, and offerings were extra special today.  This is the owner of the villa, this is him mom who came to prepare many offerings around the villa!
It was fascinating to watch how an offering is made and the rituals.  Many steps go into making an offering including sprinkling with an alcohol prepared just for offering to the Gods.
Poolside offering.  One thing we had to be careful of was to watch out for the incense burning and that we didn't accidentally step on them!
Especially those that were place by the front gate and throughout our lawn!
It is a must that every village has a minimum of three temples, which explains the MANY temples that can be found in Bali.  Also, many homes like to have their own temple and our villa was one of the homes that has one!
After a morning of swimming and checking out our villa, it was time to go exploring.  Our scooters had been dropped off that morning and Brad and I each had a mini lesson.  I have to admit that mine didn't go SO great!  My first time on a scooter topped with the fact that the "road" we had to travel to the main road was SO narrow had me very nervous and over thinking everything!  Thankfully the villa owner followed me the first time out so when my foot got wedged between a rock and the scooter and I fell over and couldn't get up, he was there to come running to pull me up.  I was sore, bruised, and now nervous.  I knew I had to be brave so I put on my brave face..... but inside I was a mess.
See, this time I was going out with precious cargo on the back so stakes were a lot higher!  Not only that but we had yet to go out on a busy road and we had NO idea where we were going.  Brad had me lead since I have a better "sense" of directions and layouts and thankfully we were able to get right to the downtown area of Ubud without any problems!  Of course, we went super slow and lots of people passed us but we arrived safely and happy so that's all I cared about!
Now it was time to explore and take it ALL in!  All of the many temples and statues.  I love how even their statues wear temple dress!
We got to see people dressed for temple going to make their holiday offering.
We got to witness large temple offerings!

And we got to see many of the temples in downtown Ubud!

And we got to see people making offerings outside their business.
After taking it ALL in we were HOT and ready for lunch.  There are many places in the Frommer's travel book we got that we wanted to try but since we are SO new to exploring, we just stopped at a place that was in the middle of town so we could people watch and take it in while we continued to get a lay of the land.  Food is SO cheap here that we let the kids order whatever they wanted to off of the menu!  Chicken for Owen and calamari for Addyson!  Each meal is about $4-6 each!
Crazy eyes pic!  Yep, this is about how it goes these days!
Followed by this!  I'll blame it on the heat!! : )  From here, we headed back to the villa to cool off!  A quick dip in the pool followed by a nap!  I think that staying out of the heat and humidity for the midday sun is going to be key in keeping our sanity!
After our nap, we were ready to head out and go exploring for the evening.  Tonight is the night of the BIG parade before the day of silence!
Buy 1 shot get 12 free, Brad thinks it is time to party!! : )  haha!  No, we didn't stop!  However, it was nice to drink a beer and wander the streets while checking out the many floats!  There is no question, we are NO longer in Saudi!!  haha!
Hot, sweaty, and bruised already but loving every minute in Ubud!  Check out the following post JUST of the Oga Oga parade!

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