Thursday, April 2, 2015

Souq Waqif

One of the hot tourist stops in Doha is Souq Waqif which means "the standing market".  We knew that this stop was a must do and we head it is better to do at night when it is "hopping".  So after a morning of swimming at the hotel and walking around our hotel area for lunch, we took early naps and headed to the souq for late afternoon.
This market dates back at least a hundred years but, it was recently torn down and rebuilt in traditional architectural styles.The beauty of the buildings area  sight to see!
The souq is laid out as long narrow alley ways and each area is specific to one type of item being sold.  So here we are walking through the textile area.
There was also an area of carvings and such being sold.
I loved to peek into some of the shops and see them hard at work creating the items to be sold!  Here is a group of men sewing garments.
This area had a lot of fishing things.  Owen had to check it all out!

The gold souq.  This was a hot area for taking pictures!
And then there was the pet market.  My least favorite area.  I couldn't sleep that night thinking of ALL of the pet they had there and in a wide variety, some of which, in my mind, should NOT be house pet.  I just wish I could buy them all and set them free!  Anyway, we didn't stay here long...

Then it was time to explore the center of the market, the outside area.  A great place to people watch and a great place to find an outside area to stop and grab a bit to eat!
A neat attraction is their police that patrol on horseback!

We wondered around here so long that it got dark and the place started to light up!  It was so beautiful.
After grabbing a bite to eat, we headed back to the jewelry souq because at the back of it was a frozen yogurt place!  And this is a better picture of the building to give you an idea of why it is so highly photographed!
Lighting up the night
 We actually walked away without buying anything!  One thing I've noticed is you start to see a trend amongst the souqs and the areas.  Most of what we saw here we have seen in Saudi, Bahria, and Oman.  There was nothing here we couldn't live without.  However, this is one of the prettiest souqs we have been to so I'm so glad we came and it was fun to get out, explore, and people watch!

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