Monday, April 13, 2015

Welcome to Bali!

We boarded our plane in Doha at 3am and our plan to sleep for most of our 9 hour flight to Bali worked for everyone but Brad.  The boys and I shared a row and Brad and Addyson were across the aisle from us.  Since the boys and I had no stranger sitting next to us we could lay out across each other and get as comfortable as you can on an airplane to try to catch some zzzz.  After our many flights we are getting better at figuring out who sits best next to whom and how the kids sit best to sleep.  Another little trick- ordering a special meal (like a kid's meal) gets your meal brought to you before the dinner service starts so you get your food 15-20mins earlier and this works great for the kids/adults who want to eat and then quickly go to sleep!  Thanks to my cousin that lives in Bali, we had a driver waiting for us as we got off of the plane and we were ready for our 1.5 hour drive to our villa!  we were quickly in awe of all of the green around us and the beauty of the country.  I'd like to say the drive was uneventful but the stop and go traffic and bumpy roads was a bit too much for poor Ethan!  Ugh!  But, we were prepared!  Another thing we are getting better at as we travel!  And airplane bags make for PERFECT travel barf bags!
We were SO happy to FINALLY make it to Ubud and find our villa!  We thought we just had to walk through this gate and we'd be there so we started walking with our luggage and we were soon met by the villa's owner and the guys that would work for us during our stay.  They had come to pick us up on scooters because it was about a 10 minute walk on narrow alley was through the rice fields!  This was our first scooter ride and we were so impressed how these guys could load up the scooters with people and luggage and navigate the narrow way!
I wish I had taken a picture of the beauty of our villa lite up and the view I had of it peaking through our fence.  I knew we had a private villa with a pool but I didn't realize how beautiful it was.  This is the place that growing up I'd see in pictures and wonder if I'd ever be able to stay at a place like this and I couldn't believe I finally was!  This would be our home for the next 5 days in Ubud!
Our villa had two separate buildings, one for each bedroom, and each room has an outside bathroom.  It was beautiful and amazing- until it was pouring rain in the middle of the night and I got wet during my midnight potty run!
There was a outside dining area that was used to attach the two bedrooms together!  It was fully stocked including help that came every morning to cook breakfast for us!
And then there was the beautiful pool that the kids could NOT wait to get into especially, after a LONG day of travel!  That's Addyson on the right getting ready to jump in as Brad and I are still getting the tour of the villa!
Nighttime swimming!  It will become our thing!
To finish up our welcome, the staff prepared yummy watermelon drinks for the kids!  Cheers!  I know we will all sleep good tonight!  We can't wait to see what this place looks like in the day time!

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