Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dance and Bird Garden

In our guide book there was a suggestion to visit the village of Batubulan that was right outside of Ubud.  Knowing this was a bit of a far distance, we had our driver (the one that picked us up from the airport and will be our driver while we are in this area) to come pick us up and take us there.
One of the main suggestions to do in this village was to see the Barong dance.  I thought it was a street performance where the people just came out and dance but I read the description wrong.
It is a coreographed dance for tourist.  It is a story about good and evil told using the characters of a Barong (a mythological animal) and Rangda (a mythological monster).
This was the second dance we have seen since we have been in Ubud and one of my favorite things about the dance is the music!  I love the ring to it and I really love the sound of the flute!  I could watch these guys play all day!
Seeing the Randga made Ethan a little nervous and scared!
In the end, good wins and everyone had fun watching the show!
One the way home from Batubulan, we drove close to the Bali Bird Park.  We had been wanting to go there but thought it was a bit far for a scooter ride.  It worked out perfectly to tag this on to our day.  Our driver dropped us off and waited for us in the parking lot.
Most everything in Bali is cheap except for entrance to the bird park!  It was so expensive that I thought about sitting out but Owen begged me to go!  Of course he did, this was a family trip and mommy couldn't sit it out!
I'm glad I went!  It was a nice family outing and good to see all of the birds!  Exposure to animals is something we lack living in Saudi!
We also went to the bird show!  A special treat was sitting in the back and being next to some of the performers of the show!
Tickets to the Bird Park get you into Reptile World next door for free so we took advantage of the opportunity!
After a busy morning, our favorite thing to do is come home and jump in the pool to cool off!!!  We come home so hot and sweaty and the pool is just what we need to get ready for nap time!!!
After nap, we head back out into town for the evening.  This was going to be our last evening in Ubud.  I wanted to take pictures of the area around our villa before I missed the chance.  See the NARROW path?!?!  This is what we have to drive our scooters on to get out to the main road.  On either side is water, the run off from the rice fields.  This trip several times a day makes me SO nervous!
The rice fields that surround us are amazing!  We often see chicken and/or ducks walking around!  It is so peaceful out here!  And so lush and green!
Brad has taken all three kids on the scooter before!  I couldn't  believe it!  Here is what it looks like!
Can you imagine navigating these narrow pathways with 3 kids in tow?!?!
Usually though, Addyson is with me!  We've made a great scooter team!
Down the steep hill from our villa on the way into town is a very lush area that we have been wanting to explore so we took the time tonight to do that.  We parked our scooters and walked down a narrow path to the water.  We spotted all kinds of cool bugs and lizards on our walk!
"Are we done with pictures yet mommy?!?!"
One of the last restaurants on our "must do" list from our book was Nacho Mama!  It is owned by the people who own Naughty Nuri's which was made famous by Anthony Bourdain claiming they have the best martinis in the area.  Nacho Mama serves Mexican food, a must eat for this family!  Here is a picture from the road.  You walk past their outside grill where they make their famous ribs!
The place is tiny and we got to side street side!  I love this because it gives us a great chance to people watch!
The food was AMAZING!  I would send out a warning though, we got a draught beer and it didn't taste very good.  I'm not sure if it is due to water or what but it is probably better to stick to bottle beer when eating at Nacho Mama!
We made one last trip into town to walk around.  We also had some custom shirts to pick up.  We also took advantage of the opportunity to eat some Dairy Queen!!!  Another great full day in Ubud!

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