Thursday, June 4, 2015

Full day in Ubud

We have been enjoying our breakfasts at the villa!  We are served delicious fresh fruit every morning with smoothies and then yummy crepes on the side!  The kids are getting totally spoiled!
After breakfast we headed back out into Ubud to explore.  This time we walked the streets by the shopping area hoping to find some deals, maybe get a massage for our nails painted, and make more memories.  The problem is, it is HOT!  The kids get tired of the shopping quit quick, and we do too since we are hot, sweaty, and thirsty, so we had to cut shopping short and headed for a cool drink.  We ended up waiting more than 15 minutes for these drinks. Ugh!  It seemed like we were wasting our morning.  I had to remind myself to sit back and enjoy the ride.  Not every single moment of vacation has to be picture perfect!  Sometimes it is just HOT!  And sometimes you have to wait longer than expected!  So, we turned the waiting into an opportunity to talk about the fun we'd been having and share favorite memories and FINALLY the drinks came!
The other thing we wanted to do today was find Ibu Oka.  A restaurant Brad found on the internet and it was also listed in our guide book as a MUST DO!
Iba Oka has one of its restaurants off the beaten path.  You follow signs to find it and go down an alley way when you swear you are going the wrong way and then all of a sudden you find it..... and it is a pork fest!!!
We ordered the sample plate, sucking pig served 5 ways!  Amazing!  Washed down with a Bintang.  Perfect lunch that includes all of the things we miss in the Land of the Sand!
After lunch Brad took the kids home to nap and he let me go pamper myself!  Well really we were both suppose to go to get a couple's massage at the famous Nur Salon but our sitter for the kids never showed up and I had paid a deposit so Brad sent me to enjoy.  I had the body scrub and massage.  The salon has great outside rooms with bath tubs where you soak and enjoy looking at the trees and wildlife.  I just didn't think about a scrub down also meant being stark naked with the person rubbing me down.  After my Turkish Bath experience and boob rub down in Hong Kong I guess I'm getting use to this overseas massage experience!
Down the street from Nur Salon was the Dirty Duck, another restaurant we were wanting to try!  I headed there to reserve our table and Brad brought ALL THREE kids on his scooter after nap to come meet me!  I was totally impressed.  Not only with Brad but look at the backdrop scenery of this place!
When  visiting the Dirty Duck make sure you get a table at the back that overlooks the rice fields and if you can, wait for a traditional table where you sit on the floor!  Such a fun experience!
While we wait in the heat, we take selfies!
And then the yummy food shows up!
Duck two ways... and know the spicy duck IS spicy!
And Addyson wanted to order shrimp!  Delicious!
We thought our fun night was over but as we were driving down the main road back to our villa we saw that a traditional dance was about to start at one of the temples so we stopped in!
Beautiful backdrop for a cultural dance.  So neat to experience!
On the way home we stopped at a Warung for dessert.  These are a common eating place.  Super cheap food served in a simple way!  You can have lunch and a beer for about $2!  Tonight, it was dessert for 5 for about $4!  What a fun full day in Ubud!

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