Friday, June 26, 2015

Underwater Fun

 So I'm coming to terms with the fact that I am super behind on the blog.... like there are still posts from BEFORE we moved to Saudi that I haven't posted yet.  Not to mention our trip to Greece, posts from Bali, Ethan's Third birthday party (he is now over 3.5).
 Life is just TOO busy!  People asked what I would do with "all of my free time" here on camp when I moved just about 2 years ago.  Well seems I figured out how to fill that time....
 This month I logged 97 hours of teaching PE/ subbing at the school (and it was a short month) on top of a busy soccer schedule the first two weeks of the month!
 Not only am I busy... but the family is busy and I try to make it to all of the activities!  SO.... the blog takes a back seat.... but the picture taking doesn't!  So these fun pictures just seem to sit on the camera or on my computer begging to be shown.  Or at least in my heart they are begging to be posted!
 Not only are pictures begging to be posted, but some cameras are begging to be used!  Brad got this water camera as a gift two years ago and we found it yesterday, put batteries in it, and I took it to swim lessons today!  And here is the fun!
 This was the LAST day for swim lessons this season!!!
 Not only that but it was also the LAST day of school!
 This marks the LAST day of scheduled activities for our family for the 2014-2015 school season!!!  We are DONE!!!  We made it!  It was crazy!  Busy!  Fun!  Exhausting!  And full of memories!
So, I can take a deep breath and maybe find time to post a blog or two in between the craziness of the summer!
However, considering the kids and I are by ourselves most of the summer that might not happen.  But I like to think I won't get another whole summer behind!
 For those of you already on summer break, I hope you are having a blast making memories!  For those of you just kicking off your summer, here's to a couple of months with your kids, maybe too much alone times at moment, but enjoy and make the most of it!
 Here's the a summer of underwater (and out of water) fun!

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