Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hiking Mt. Batur

Our main reason for staying in the Mt. Batur region was to hike the volcano first thing in the morning to catch the sunrise.  Sounded amazing!  And it WAS.  However, it wasn't easy!  We didn't think about the 3am wake up with 3 young kids.  We also didn't think about the 2 hour hike when the kids were barely awake.  We also didn't consider the rocky and steep path to get to the top of the volcano!
So we set out early and it was a bit of a rough start.  It takes the kids and I awhile to wake up in the morning so to jump up and start hiking wasn't really the best way to kick off our day.  We started with 2 tour guides, the lady in black and the guy in the white shirt.  Before we knew it the young kid in the black joined us.  It was perfect.  The kid and Owen made a great team and hiked most of the way together.  After carrying Ethan on my bike for the start of the hike, it started to get to steep and rocky (with rocks that slip out from underneath of you) so I had to pass Ethan off.  The guy in the white took Ethan on his back and took the lead!  It was amazing!  The girl was so helpful with Addyson and myself.  We were a great team.  It is amazing to think these hired guides hike this volcano at least 3 times a week if not more!
We passed several other hiking groups on our way up and I was SO proud of us!  AND our kids were the ONLY kids that hiked the volcano this morning!  It was amazing!  And several people commented on how impressed they were!
There were a few slips along the way and some bumps, bruises, and blood but we made it!
And we had several minutes to spare before the sun started to rise!
We made it for the breath taking view!  Amazing!
 Over Lake Batur.  Here comes the sun!

Made it!!!  Tackled a volcano!!!  This was a big feat for him!!!  He started to get nervous about hiking a "volcano".  I'm sure he was thinking of movies with volcano erupting and was scared it would happened!  He was SO relieved to know we were save, no crazy hot lava chasing us, and we were able to enjoy an amazing view!

Raising the sun
At the top of the volcano area there is a "breakfast" area where they give you some snacks and drinks!  Coffee is free.  They also sell bottles of soda.  Wanna know how those bottles get up there.  Remember the young kid that hiked with Owen?  He is about 12.  He hikes this volcano every morning with bottles of soda in a backpack that he then sells to people to make money for his family!  CRAZY!  His family cannot afford to send him to school so this is what he does instead!  We bought soda but then also gave him a very nice tip for being SO helpful with Owen!  It really did take all of us to get all of us to the top!

(same photo with flash)
Couple of crazy adults with crazy ideas dragging their crazy kids along on a wild adventure!

Mt. Batur is an active volcano so there are places you can feel the hot steam coming out of the ground!
Here we are standing in front of a large opening where you can feel the hot steam!
There is also a cave in the area with bats.  Our guide took the kids in one at a time to go see the bats.
There are also lots of wild monkeys in the area.  One came over for a visit and for some banana!
"Hey, I want more of that!"
Our glory photo!!!  This is what we tackled today!
After spending over an hour at the top it was time to head back down!  Going down was almost as hard as going up!  Super hard on the knees and legs!  And it was a bit dangerous because you could step on a pile of rocks that would slip out from under you and send you sliding down the hill.  Brad and I ended up with some nice bruises from this trip!  So did the kids!  We wear them like badges of honor!
It was nice to hike the path in the light to see everything we passed this morning when it was dark outside.  What a beautiful place!
We made it!!!!!!!!!!  Headed back to the hotel to put our legs up and eat some breakfast!!!  We all earned it!

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