Monday, November 2, 2015

Addyson gets a Daisy Pin

After a full year as a Daisy, Addyson finally gets to walk across the bridge!!!  Ahh, the bridge.  I still have memories as a young Daisy and walking across the bridge during our end of the year Girl Scout meeting where we all earned our pins!!!  Funny how events in your children's lives can trigger memories from your childhood!
For her walking across the bridge was NO big deal.  A fun little experience. I hope she looks back one day with joy as she remembers all that this bridge symbolizes, the lessons she learned, and the friends she made!  That's what this bridge did for me!
After a year of hard work, Addyson has earned her first Daisy pin!!!  Unlike Boy Scouts where you move up stages every year, a Girl Scout will be in her troop for 2 years!
A great group of girls to spend the next 2+ years with!
And a huge Thank You to their troop leaders who pour some much time, energy, and love into these young girls!

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