Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Brad didn't get much vacation time this summer but I did't let that stop the kids and I from traveling, exploring, and visiting family and friends!  I packed the 4 of us up into on hiking backpack and we set off for a summer in Europe and Canada!
Brad dropped us off at the airport!  With a long hug goodbye we were ready to start!  As soon as we walked through the customs gate the tears started.  Heartbreaking!  However, I knew it was for the best.  Summers in Saudi are HOT and not many people stay behind.  I knew were were headed for cooler temps and lots of adventure, I just had to let the kids get past this sad moment!

Saudi isn't know for their clean, kid-friendly airport so I don't really like hanging out in it trying to kill time with 3 little ones!  I decided to go to the business lounge and see if there was any way possible to get in!  Lucky for us, the guy at the counter had sympathy for the kids so he let us in!!  Score!!!  A clean lounging space filled with yummy snacks and clean bathrooms!  A great start to our trip!
The direct flight was at night so the kids slept most of the way!  It was perfect!  We landed early so we had a bit of time before our friend Pascal was going to be picking us up!  Here is what I get for asking the kids their opinion on being in the Netherlands (they like to give me a vote opposite of what they think I'm looking for!  Funny kids!)
I knew I was happy to be there!  Cheers!
Our first stop was breakfast at our friends' house!  They were getting their day started and it was perfect to let the kids run and stretch their legs before heading to our final destination.

This in ground trampoline was a huge hit!!!  Wish we had these in the States!
Our goal of this trip was to spend time in the woods with our friends Marieke, Pascal, Stijn, and Benthe who had recently moved back to the Netherlands from Saudi.  So, after visiting their house in town we made the drive to the woods!  Look at these sweet, sleeping boys!
I didn't get any pictures of the little community we stayed in or our house, bummer!  But I got LOTS of pictures where we spent most of our time!  In the woods!
We picnicked in the woods!
Took pictures in the woods!
Enjoyed our time together in the woods!
And picked LOTS of blueberries in the woods!!!!!

After coming from a country that is dusty, grey, hot, and not full of much wildlife, hanging out in the woods was a much needed change!!!!  It was also nice to kick back and relax after a busy 2 months of working and finishing up projects with activities!
We ate lots of good food, drank lots of good beer (well some of us did), and ate lots of fresh blueberries!!!!  Life was good!
We also did exploring.  About a 30 minute walk through the woods was a big campground area with a nice park, inside play ground, swimming pool, kid activities (like face painting and dancing), and a mini animal petting area.  I am SO bummed that I cannot get this pictures off my iPad onto my computer (I have tried everything!!!!  Hopefully one day I can update this blog with the pictures!)
We left that area happy and exhausted!  What a day!  We were also lucky to see deer running through the woods on our walk home!!!!
We had an amazing time in the Netherlands with the Kruysifix family!  Thank you for the wonderful time!!!  We leave with happy hearts full of wonderful memories!!!  Now its on to Germany!

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