Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Hotel at Mt. Batur

When reading the guide book on Bali it had said that there wasn't much to do in the Mt. Batur area and that many people make it a day trip, however, we decided to take a risk and go against the advice and we book 3 nights in this area.  Upon arrival, we quickly realized that we should have taken the advice.  There isn't much to do here.  Only 2 restaurants open and not much to do.  Plus the hotel is older and expensive.  After the piece of mind that our reservation could be changed we decided to make the most out of our stay!  Here is our open breakfast area between our two rooms.
The hotels are known for their hot springs!!  Many people hike the volcano in the morning and then stop at the hotel for the day to swim in the hot springs and eat lunch before driving back to their hotel in another town.
Taking advantage of our hotel included fishing with Owen's new travel rod!!!  Look at this scenery!!
While Owen was fishing, Addyson was enjoying one of the many hot springs!  A benefit of a non-touristy area, open space!! It wasn't crowded so we were free to roam and do as we liked!

We also took full advantage of the ladies offering pool-side massages!!!
Beautiful scenery, amazing weather, and a relaxing massage- what more could one ask for?!?!
In-between our two rooms we had our own hot spring pool!!!!  We took full advantage of this!!
There was another hot spring resort area beside our hotel so we walked over for a change of scenery.  There they had pedal boats to take out so we took a dragon for a spin!
This trip has taught us to embrace the small things and make the most of a situation.  It might not have been our ideal hotel but we found many things to enjoy and ways to make memories!
I would suggest that if you are traveling with young kids, an overnight in this area is ideal especially if you are planning on doing the early morning volcano hike!!!  There is beauty here to be found!

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