Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rain Gutter Regatta

 It was time for the first big Cub Scout event of the year, the Rain Gutter Regatta!
 This fell at a really crazy time for us but the boys were able to get their boats made and designed in time!  And  yes, Ethan HAD to have one too!!!  Not many Cub Scout functions can happen without Ethan being a part of it!  Ethan's is the red one!  Owen's is the white with red dots which he named Raining Blood!
 Room full of Scouts and their families
 Our surprise guest, TeeTee, made it just in time for this fun event!
 This little guy has been called my Pre-Tiger and he was happy with that.  However, today he found the Wolf hat and scarf so he has moved himself up and is now a pre-wolf!  He is SO ready to be a scout and it makes me sad that he has 3 more years left!  I hope he still loves Scouts as much then when it REALLY IS his time to be involved!
 We were entertaining ourselves as the other dens raced!  The room in the school we held the function in is kind of small and I wanted the families of the racers to able to see so we hung back..... and took TONS of pics!!!
 Now it was O's time to race!!  He first went up against his best bud Evan!
 It was a close race and Owen ended up winning in the very end by the front tip of the boat!!!
 And the fun continued!

 He had a powerful breath and a fast boat!  He ended up winning first place in his den!
 This guy had the hardest time waiting for the sibling division!!!
 What a winning smile!
 A funny little thing, Owen would get his boat to the end and win but he was afraid that we wouldn't see or something so he kept blowing his boat to keep it touching the finish line until the other boy finished!  I was afraid he was going to pass out from all of the huffing and puffing so I had to step in to tell he once his boat touched he had won and he could stop! : )

 Now it was Ethan's turn!!  He raced against Evan!!
 For some reason, halfway through Addyson took over Ethan's boat.
 Ethan got the boat back and raced TeeTee!

 Ethan wins the race!!!!

After the individual den races were over, the winners from those heats then raced each other to get the Regatta's overall winner!
 Owen was up against some tough competition!!!  He did great!  He won over half of his races!!!
Our winner!  He got 4th overall and 1st place in his den!!  For that, he got a new Cub Scout shirt!!!  What a happy guy!!!  Now we have to get ready for the Pine Wood Derby!

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