Monday, November 2, 2015

Trunyan Tour

There are not many touristy things to do around our hotel.  This is really an area people come to just for the day to hike the volcano.  Since we had a couple of nights booked here we tried to find as many things as we could in the area to do.  The hotel offers an outing called the Trunyan Tour where you get to go visit a local village at the base of one of the volcanos as well as going to visit one of their cemeteries.  We wanted to take full advantage of getting to know as much about that locals as possible.  Can you see the tiny village at the base of the two mountains???
This is the village!  This small area!
The only want into and out of the village is by boat!  A couple of the teachers come from neighboring villages so they have to take a boat to school!
As we got closer to the village we saw people out washing their laundry.

After we docked, we were able to walk through the village.  This was eye opening for us to see what poverty these villagers live in.  It was also a chance to talk to our children as we walked through to show they how others live and how fortunate we are!
The main source of income for these people is Cock Fighting.  Sad to see but their reality.  We saw several roosters caged up as we walked through the village.

Another sight to see was the number of temples.  This village is SUPER small but had several temples.  It is a rule that each village has to have at least three!  It was amazing to see that some families had their own!

At the top of the steeples were HUGE spiders!!!!  HUGE!!!!!!  Yikes!!!

 I was just glad I didn't walk into one of the many spider webs!!!

Children at recess.

While we were walking through the village the students were at recess. I took the opportunity to go talk with the kids.  They were SO cute and so happy to have a visitor.  They were anxious to practice their English!  I really wanted my kids to get involved and talk with the kids (the students were trying SO hard to get my kids engaged) however, I think it was a bit overwhelming for our kids and they spent most of the time hiding behind me!

Fishing is a main source of providing for their families!

After leaving the village, we got on the boat and went to visit their cemetery.

With limited resources, this is a very basic cemetery with exposed bones.  It was fascinating and eerie  all at the same time.
Here are some recent burials.  They bring lots of offerings for the lost soul so we saw lots of personal care items, plates, money, and other personal belongings left.  Also, the bodies are not covered by much so you are able to see the people if you choose.

This morning was an overwhelming and powerful experience!  Thankful for the opportunity to learn about the people whose country we visit and thankful for the reminder to be thankful and grateful for all we have and to count our blessings!

What a beautiful and moving morning!

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